Martin has given seminars, talks and keynote speeches to thousands of Fortune 500 business executives on six continents, at venues as varied as the Cannes Lions Ad Festival, The TED Conference in Monterrey, CA, the Dubai Lynx Show, The Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janiero, and New York's Waldorf Astoria Hotel and TriBeca Film Festival.

Four decades of A-list corporate experience in marketing, strategy, leadership, management consulting, advertising, and entrepreneurship -- guiding some of the world's biggest brands -- with clients of all shapes and sizes, a portfolio of startup company successes and failures -- plus mountaineering expeditions on seven continents -- have given him unique, broad perspective, and insights that few possess.

With a particular affinity for out-thinking and out-smarting the competition, modern integrated marketing, entrepreneurship, global brands, his expertise in many categories from automotive to fitness to music to spirits & wines, and his passions of hiking and mountaineering, he can teach, motivate and inspire audiences with a combination of gravitas, expertise and joy.

The common denominator to all this:

Martin knows how to make your big company more entrepreneurial, more competitive, and more successful. His talks and his upcoming book can show you how to apply all this to transform your thinking, and your organization.

A sample of recent talks is below. Always willing to customize and create new content for a new audience.

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Coming in early 2020, The Mountains Made Me An Entrepreneur, the transformation of a corporate animal to a serial entrepreneur, and how you can apply these lessons to your company, your way of thinking and your career.

More info is HERE at www.themountainsmademe.com.

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