Chimborazo in Ecuador

Chimborazo is a massive inactive volcano and the tallest mountain in Ecuador at 20,561 feet.

It was first climbed by Matterhorn legend Edward Whymper in 1880.  Until the beginning of the 19th century, it was thought to be the highest mountain on Earth.  While that was soon proven untrue, the equatorial bulge gives Chimborozo's summit a geologic distinction: it is the farthest point away from the center of the Earth.

The Ecuadorian flag marked the exact top of a very large summit dome, and this is indeed the point on the Earth's surface that is farthest from the center, farther even than the summit of Mount Everest. What does this mean to anyone but a geographer or earth scientist with a penchant for Trivial Pursuit?

Absolutely nothing.

On the summit of Chimborazo with Ecuadorian guide Jorge Anhalzer.