Martin Pazzani                      
CEO/Co-Founder, Act!vate Brain & Body Inc.
Consigliere, Silver City Vapors LLC
Founder, United Craft Distillers Inc.

Pioneering companies in fitness, craft spirits & vaping. Before that, CEO of a very unique music company. 
And before that, was a very corporate Chief Marketing Officer, a Global Strategy Guru for a huge ad agency                
network, a Madison Avenue Ad Guy, and a hotshot Brand Manager

A Dynamic Leader of Consumer Lifestyle Brands and Disruptive Start Ups.   
A seasoned global executive -- classically trained Chief Marketing Officer in consumer goods and services who evolved into a highly entrepreneurial CEO and startup advisor -- adept at solving complex business challenges and driving growth. Pazzani is a great marketer who is also a great business executive.

Highly experienced in the executive C-suite, inside an ad agency, with investor groups and shareholders, and as an entrepreneur, Pazzani has a 360° view of company operations and a strong slant toward high performance, results-driven marketing. With tenures at Bally Total Fitness, Foote Cone and Belding, DDB Worldwide, Heublein (now Diageo), Elias Arts, and a portfolio of start ups, he has worked on six continents and acquired potent skills at aligning marketing, sales & operations, achieving strategic advantage, and driving growth.
The skills of a decathlete.   
A track record of strategic leadership, consistent growth and positive outcomes.
With unusually diverse experience and broad skills that run across numerous disciplines, categories, companies, and continents, Pazzani is effective in a wide range of arenas:

     • As the first Chief Marketing Officer of Bally and Crunch, the troubled fitness company that was once #1 in its industry with 450 locations, he ignited a rapid revitalization that upgraded and integrated their branding, direct response media buying, field marketing, web presence, and CRM. He brought in IDEO to help design the 'fitness experience of the future', and he revolutionized the ad agency model by going in-house, saving a fortune in production costs, while creating new advertising that generated a record surge of new members and revenue.

    •  In twelve years at Heublein (now Diageo), he rose from entry-level to the top marketing job in the company at age 34, first moving from brand to brand, then division to division, guiding and growing global brands like Smirnoff Vodka, Jose Cuervo Tequila, Black Velvet Canadian, Christian Brothers Brandy, Inglenook and Almaden Wines, Blossom Hill, The Famous Grouse, Highland Park Single Malt, Don Q Rum, Yukon Jack, and many more.

     • At Foote, Cone and Belding for seven years, he headed the agency's global strategic consulting group -- The Chess Team -- where they were marketing strategists for Kraft, SC Johnson, American Express, Citibank, US Postal Service, Samsung, Tropicana and many others across a 100-office network, with extensive work in Chicago, San Francisco, Hong Kong, London and across South America.

     • And as CEO of bicoastal Elias Arts, the world's most awarded music agency, he reunited, transformed and grew a fragmented company against the tide of a declining industry. By pioneering the new discipline of audio brand identity for major clients like American Express, Audi, Cisco, Citi, Coke, Gatorade, Infiniti, McDonald's, Nike, Yahoo, and by putting the company on a path toward full-service music holding company, they were able to diversify into Latino music and music licensing, and thrive in a very troubled category.

His professional network is vast, and he uses it to attract talent, develop and mentor people, and build strong teams.
Innovative & Entrepreneurial : Traditional & Digital.
Now a serial entrepreneur,  he is immersed in three areas -- fitness, craft spirits, and vaping -- with a common thread that requires a balance of entrepreneurship, strategic vision, and a penchant for re-imagining the future.

In 2009, he started a craft spirits company that has evolved into United Craft Distillers, providing advisory services, world class marketing and sales expertise to hyper-growing, micro-distilled, small-batch spirits brands.
Following his stint at Bally, he's remained active in the fitness sector, advising 24 Hour Fitness on strategic marketing issues, and in early 2012 he joined forces with investors, real estate entrepreneurs, fitness operators, and healthcare experts to start Act!vate Brain & Body, a company that is re-inventing fitness as upstream preventive healthcare for the baby boomer generation. They launch in 2016 with geographic expansion to follow later in the year.

And in 2014 he began an exploratory into the fast growing vaping sector, which is proving to be a powerful anti-smoking enabler and a disruptor to the status quo. This led to the creation of Cloud 10 Brands and Silver City Vapors, a venture to build a national retail and e-commerce vaping company.

Driven.  Competitive.  
Infectious enthusiasm that gets results through and with other people.
You have to be motivated, disciplined and goal oriented to earn three college degrees in just over five years -- B.A. in Psychology, B.S. in Marketing, and an M.B.A. -- and that is just what Pazzani did, an early sign of a compulsive curiosity and competitive fire that has never faded.

An oft-published writer and panelist on marketing, branding, strategy, and music, he gave a TED University talk at the 2008 TED Conference in Monterey, CA on The Power of Music. He has led competitive strategy seminars in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, London, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Venezuela, and at the Cannes Lions and Dubai Lynx advertising festivals. His articles have been in Advertising Age, Billboard, Brandweek, Marketing Daily, and SHOOT Magazine.

Pazzani has always been drawn to a challenge. He's climbed to the summits of major mountains on all seven continents, explored Antarctica, Easter Island, Ngorongoro Crater, the Equatorial Rain-forests, the deserts of United Arab Emirates, Mexican volcanoes, and beyond, and as a former F2000 racing driver, he has a keen appreciation for the value of precision, speed and high performance. Notably, he was the 146th human being to stand on the summit of the very remote Vinson Massif, the highest point in Antarctica, and has climbed both The Matterhorn and Mont Blanc five times each. He plans to climb Mt. Everest in 2017.
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